Aquarius Tokisada was the former Gold Saint of the Aquarius constellation in the 21st Century. A man with command over time, Tokisada conceals his features behind a mask, and pursued and battled Wolf Yoshitomi years ago as a Silver Saint, as well as the one responsible for his murder. He received the Aquarius Cloth Stone from Medea after he pledged his allegiance to Mars. Tokisada can use the element of water.
Aquarius Tokisada

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Age: Late 20's

Attack Potency:


Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:



Fighting Ability:


Physical AppearanceEdit

Tokisada is physically similar to Haruto; the only difference is that Tokisada's hair is yellowish green, while Haruto's hair is dark brown; Tokisada's skin is noticeably darker than Haruto's, but the facial features of both denote certain softness, showing a stoic look. Tokisada's figure is a bit more muscular and taller than Haruto's as well. Tokisada's hair is separated so that a fringe covering his right eye, and the long strands falling on the back are fastened by a black ribbon, creating a style ponytail. His eyes are dark purple.


Tokisada is serious and mysterious, being very loyal to Mars and his ideals. Apparently likes to mark the time in which it held shares, the latter can be seen in the confrontation with Yoshitomi which announces its arrival to the battlefield at 9:17 pm and announced that he planned to kill at 9:20 pm. Also, he is shown to be stubborn and committed to his mission, until disposal. Despite being an enemy, he still shows some honor by leaving a fleeing Haruto on the battlefield, marking that Yoshitomi was his only goal.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Time Manipulation:

Water Manipulation:

Immense Cosmo Power:


Jikan Ken (Fist of Time): Through the manipulation of time, Tokisada slows the movements of the enemy, slowing the flow of time around him. At first glance, it gives the impression that Tokisada is moving at lightning speed, but the reality is that the opponent is in "slow motion". There is a way to not get hit by the blow by moving two times faster than one's normal speed.

Jikan Gyakkô (Time Reverse): Tokisada creates a tornado around himself, causing his body to go 'back in time', healing wounds and scars of battles.

Chrono Execution: Tokisada gathers his cosmo and shoots the opponent with a black sphere. This sphere creates time anomalies around it and explodes when it reaches the opponent. The position of this technique is similar to the ice attack Aurora Execution. Chrono Execution can also lead people to alternative dimensions such as the End of Time.


Aquarius Cloth Stone: One of the 12 Gold Cloths worn by Athena's Gold Saints; he received this Cloth from Medea after he pledged his allegiance to Mars.


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