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This wiki is about certain key heroes of Saint Seiya Omega, Naruto Shippūden and Fairy Tail working together for the first time in this epic crossover anime. The setting will mostly take place in the Saint Seiya verse. The heroes will mostly fight a terrorist organization while journeying across the world to destroy six elemental temples, an alien empire with advanced technology and military power, the Greek God of War and his new army of Berserkers, and several old enemies from Saint Seiya Omega and Naruto revived from the dead, a few Fairy Tail adversaries who want vengeance on the Fairy Tail Guild (including the Rogue Cheney from the future and former Sabertooth Mage Minerva Orland), all lead by a human reincarnation of the Underworld God to punish humanity. This will also introduce historic events to certain characters that relates to them, as well as several new characters.

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Main Article: Fairy Knights (Anime Series)

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