Holy Sword Titan is the faithful servant of the goddess Pallas, who is in charge of her welfare while she is in the form of a little girl. He was once one of the main antagonists of the second season of Saint Seiya Omega. Titan is a First Class Pallasite, and in terms of power, he is the toughest Pallasite.
Holy Sword Titan

Profile and StatsEdit

Name: Holy Sword Titan


Age: Late 20's or Early 30's

Attack Potency:


Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:



Fighting Ability:


Physical AppearanceEdit


Titan is presented as an incredibly quiet and calm man, who speaks elegantly and in a courteous manner, unlike the other Heavenly Kings. He is not a very cold and heartless being and is very sane. He is faithful to the goddess Pallas and is constantly at her side, patiently waiting for her speedy growth and performance in the war against Athena.

Unlike his fellow First Class Pallasites, Titan starts to see Pallas as a person, not just a thing to defeat Athena with. This is shown in him arriving to protect her when Seiya and the Bronze Saints surrounded Pallas, leading to a small scuffle, and also when he shows signs of doubt when the others start to conspire against the Goddess. Pallas eventually reveals to the First Class Pallasites that she is aware about their betrayal and their secret plan to destroy both Athena and herself. Titan, who felt heartbroken about Pallas' grief, confesses his past conspiracy against her and swears his loyalty and love for Pallas. He will always protect Pallas to show his love for her.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gravity Manipulation:

Wind Manipulation:

Tremendous Cosmo Power: As one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Titan shows insurmountable Cosmo power.


Gigant Impact: Titan releases a concentrated energy blast from his left hand.

Satellite Crusher: Titan throws two disks of fire at his opponent.

Gigantic Planetoid: Titan's strongest technique, in which he releases a giant green energy blast from both hands, which is capable of manipulating gravity to an extent.





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