Leo Mycenae is the Gold Saint of the Leo constellation in the 21st Century. Mycenae is the "King of Beasts" and the "Most Noble among the Gold Saints". Mycenae can use the element of Lightning.
Leo Mycenae

Profile and StatsEdit

Name: Leo Mycenae

Alias: Leo Saint

Age: Early to Mid 30's

Attack Potency:


Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:



Fighting Ability:


Physical AppearanceEdit

Mycenae is a tall, muscular man with fair skin, blue eyes, and long blonde hair with a greenish tint that falls down past his shoulders. He generally displays a stoic and serious facial expression, and has a cross-shaped scar on his left forehead, covered by his hair.


Mycenae proves to be a splendid soldier, before attacking he analyzes the situation and the possible consequences of his decisions. He knows when to fold in a critical situation and when to give up when his opponent is stronger. He is the master of Orion Eden, being the one who taught him how to get stronger and to never let his emotions cloud his judgment. Overall, his personality is emphasized into three words: Noble, loyal, and protective.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lightning Manipulation:

Immense Cosmo Power:


King's Roar: This is a two-step attack which Mycenae first uses against the Bronze Saints Wolf Haruto and Lionet Souma. The attack begins with Mycenae sending a wave of cosmo into the air which streams down on the opponent at light speed paralyzing them. The next phase is the physical strike; after the first wave, a lion made of golden energy rains down on the opponent, causing serious damage.

King's Emblem: Mycenae's greatest technique. The Gold Saint charges a large amount of thunder Cosmo through his fist then sends multiple streams of electricity at the opponent, which then converge on them, causing severe damage.


Leo Cloth Stone: One of the 12 Gold Cloths worn by Athena's Gold Saints and are the strongest Cloths born in sunlight; he inherited this Cloth from the former Leo Gold Saint, Aiolia.


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